Nutrition Wellness 









Nutrition is paramount in a modern society. To suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies should be a thing of the past, but as time advances our diets are falling below the level of adequate to sustain optimal health.

Your health is intrinsically related to your nutritional status. If we don't consume the right foods in the first place we cannot digest or absorb them and assimilate the nutrients we need. Too often we are left consuming fortified foods. Multivitamins in general contain the same USP vitamins that foods are fortified with.


Ideally we would like to consume food-based vitamins and minerals, for optimal absorption. What are the forms we should take and in what quantities? These are questions we need a nutritionist for. With an astute background in biochemistry, food science and human health, she is able to piece together the puzzle of how to improve your nutritional status without compromise. The ideal health appointment should be at least 1 hour to assess your medical history, conditions, symptoms and medications. We then provide a food program compatible with you.

Your energy level is important, and removing the obstacles to your metabolism is our profession. Learn to develop your will to to empower your choices, make new habits, find healthier comforts in life, and move you from inability and illness to wellness and healing.


Emily Isaacson doesn't stock her own dispensary but recommends supplements you can trust through quality health food stores. With locations throughout the lower mainland, they provide the natural and holistic alternatives and products you need to support a healthy lifestyle.