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Emily Isaacson, is a licensed nutritionist and Certified Health Coach in the Fraser Valley. She has a degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University of natural medicine in Washington. She is both clinical and community nutritionist, also offering seminars and community programs. She is also trained in orthomolecular nutrition, and the effects of vitamin supplementation on mental health. 

Emily Isaacson has previously worked in eating disorder treatment centers in both Victoria and Seattle. She has spoken at secondary schools to teach teens about eating disorders. She is empathetic and practical with eating disorder sufferers. Her unconventional approach toward overweight and obesity helps clients who want to lose weight learn to accept themselves, and lose weight intuitively.

Emily Isaacson is the creator of a daily recommendation food site called The Rainbow Program. This program teaches clients to balance antioxidants for a colour-rich food plate and to help prevent cancer. She implements the far-reaching principles of this program to help people understand the benefits of improving their health by eating brightly coloured foods. 

Our nutritionist particularly appreciates the opportunity to work with clients who have auto-immune disease as she implements her research over 20 years on the building blocks for a healthy immune system. Emily will help you re-build your immune function using foods and supplements that are top of the line. When it comes to cutting-edge research, she is right in her assertions that people with ongoing chronic health concerns can find relief. Her scientific approach causes her to affirm that we can affect the next generation by eating right today. 
Emily started her own practice fifteen years ago in Maple Ridge, and now serves the Fraser Valley.  She seeks to inspire her clients with a positive outlook towards food, without labeling some foods "good" or "bad."
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