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Potassium is an important ingredient for heart health

by Emily Isaacson    Oct 28, 2016

Seniors Nutrition Care: Why do we need potassium?

In our later years, the importance of good nutrition becomes paramount. When the leading cause of death is heart disease, we should take steps to improve heart health. There is more to regulating high blood pressure than just avoiding sodium, and curtailing the salt shaker. Potassium and sodium are two electrolytes that should be in balance in a 2:1 ratio. If you want to improve the health of heart cells consider that potassium is a nutrient you should observe on food labels when you eat. You can increase the level of potassium in your diet by eating potassium-rich foods or even taking a potassium supplement. Avocados are particularly rich in this nutrient, even more so than bananas, the traditionally consumed food for this valuable cell salt. If you consume your potatoes with the skin on, you get the advantage of increased potassium as valuable nutrients are higher in the skin and peels of vegetables and fruit. Put potassium chloride in the salt shaker, it tastes almost the same as sodium chloride, the typical table salt. Use this form of potassium to flavor homemade soups and grains.

Potassium is essential for the health of heart cells. The heart would not even be able to contract without adequate levels of potassium as it keeps the magnesium in the cell. When people's electrolytes get dangerously low due to dehydration or eating disorders, such as bulimia, they are in danger of having a heart attack. When people have heart attacks in their younger years, not due to a heart condition, it is potassium levels that contribute. Stay healthy by increasing the potassium in your diet, present in fruits and vegetables, particularly spinach, sweet potato, apricots, mushrooms, and vegetable broth. Observe the label when you buy food for its potassium level in addition to the sodium level. The popular colored electrolyte drinks for re-hydration after sports are being surpassed by natural electrolytes present in drinks such as coconut water, a great way to feed your heart cells.

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