Pulse Nutrition Clinic

Appointment Hot Topics

We offer specialized appointments for children (we receive referrals from the Abbotsford School Board):
Each lesson is 30 min and can host 1-4 children and one adult.
Lesson one: Improving Immunity. 30 min
Super-charge your immune system to deal with the stress of school, allergies, immunizations, or other challenges. There are many stressors assailing us in the modern environment. Learn how to cope with your unique health challenge.
Lesson two: Eating Healthy By The Rainbow. 30 min
Learn how the pros eat to keep their blood balanced, their mood up and their interest in healthy food. Thought healthy meant boring and tasteless? Think again with this focus on inspiring kids to garden, cook, and eat healthy colored foods.
Lesson Three: Taking Vitamins. 30 min 
Does your child need extra support from a multi-vitamin or other supplements. Let us tell them the unique benefits of their vitamin pills, and motivate them to enjoy good health for life. We can help determine if they have the right combination for their health and where to obtain the best children's vitamins.

Questions To Ask The Nutritionist

     How much food to eat daily?  Answer





Do we need supplements?  Answer








How much should we eat at once?  Answer







Should we eat gluten-free?  Answer







Should we eat only under the apple tree?  Answer








How to cook and prepare whole foods?









Do colored sugar foods appeal to kids?  Answer









What do we shop for to obtain the most nutrients?