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Fee Schedule


Free: Initial conversation

Phone the nutritionist and chat for 15 minutes to see if this is right for you. Tell her about your health condition and see if our clinic is a good match and what we can provide to support you and your family's health. Contact us.


Introductory Office Visit:

$110.00 for one hour nutrition initial appointment 

This introduction to our nutrition clinic and the nutritionist provides you with a complete nutritional assessment of your health condition and health history. Find out what foods to include for your specific condition, what to avoid, what supplements may be helpful, and receive a food plan designed by our nutrition expert that is specific to you and your schedule. 


Eat Your Way Thin

$135.00 for 1.5  hour initial consultation for obesity.

A thorough assessments of causation factors in your condition and what you can do to get back on the right track. You will need to buy more health-building foods and eat more than you are eating now to lose weight. No counting calories or restrictive regimes at our clinic. We know that being overweight is an adaptive response to your lifestyle and health history. Same benefits and services listed above.


You may also schedule one of the following:

$90.00 for 50 minute nutrition follow-up appointment at our clinic in Abbotsford


Home Visits in the Fraser Valley:

The nutritionist will come to your home or office. This is helpful if you are not mobile, disabled, have a serious health condition.

$145.00 for first home visit 1 1/2 hour appointment

$110.00 for first 1 hour appointment

$100.00 for follow up one hour visits


Coffee Shop Consults (45 minutes):

$45.00 for introductory coffee shop consult: meet the nutritionist in a casual environment. Chat about your health, and get a handle on your goals.


Mental Health Visits through Abby Clubhouse or Mission Friendship Centre  (20 min consult):

Emily will meet with you at a local coffee shop or at the clubhouse.

$10.00 for mental health clients on disability who sign up at Abby Clubhouse or MFC (20 min consult)

$30.00 for specialized food plan (1 hour consult)


Mental Health Clinical Office Visits (1 hr consult following introductory assessment):

These appointments are generally for patients with mental health conditions who have already been diagnosed, and need nutritional support. But don't worry, if you are suffering from mental health symptoms and need support, we won't label or diagnose you.

$60.00 for nutrition and mental health intake  

$60.00 for orthomolecular mental health follow-up consult (vitamin supplements will be recommended as needed, specific to your condition. These can be purchased inexpensively at a Health Food Store.)


Women, Maternal and Infant Nutrition (one hour consult)

$90.00 for hormone consultations (usually for women: menopausal, or any age)

$90.00 for pregnancy consultations or fertility consultations (pre-pregnancy)

$90.00 for maternal and infant consult (can include hubby also)


Hormone Testing (saliva testing is sent out to a lab in the US for accurate hormone results). This test is needed prior to hormone consult.

$165.00 for 3 hormone saliva test kit  

$215.00 for complete 5-panel hormone panel test kit


Grocery Store Tour for condition of your choice (at health food or grocery stores)

These informative 45 minute tours can include 1-5 people. The nutritionist will offer instructions on label reading, shopping by the Canada Food guide, as well as specifics to your condition, and what you should buy to get the best results. ( No need to buy anything during this tour.)

$100.00 for grocery store tour at grocery store such as your local Safeway or Save-on-Foods, or Choices Market in Abbotsford. 


Children's Nutrition

$35.00 for children's appointments (1/2 hr.)


Phone Sessions are available

$30.00  30 min phone appointment for existing clients        


International appointments are available for any country and can be paid by e-transfer (consults by email and/or phone)

$175 for first two appointments 


Ask the Nutritionist?

$9.99 question and answer  


Educational Seminars:

$175.00 for seminars from 30 min to 60 min

$275.00 for seminars from 1 to 3 hrs.


The Rainbow Program Seminars:

$175.00  30-45 min seminar  


To make an appointment phone 604.832.2252

or toll-free 1.888.399.3210

We serve long-distance and international clients with our email and phone appointments.

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